As we all know the flatbed printers can be used for many industries and products,there must be a printer for you ,no matter you are just starting your business or you have existing business to expand. The printers are widely used for some certain businesses and industries until now. The big promising market is based on the unique features of flatbed printers below:

  • Easy print process.
  • No limit for printing quantity,
  • Sharp and vivid print performances,
  • No limit for printing materials,
  • Low production cost.
  • Fast production speed.

The hottest applications for the printers are:

Direct to garment print.

Phone/Pad/Laptop cover print.

Promotional items print,i.e pen,golf,card,etc

Awards and trophy print industry.

Indoor decoration,i.e glass,photo frame,tile print.

Industrial labeling print like dial meters,product tags,

Lego toy bricks print ,wood,ABS,etc materials.

Signage print for indoor and outdoor.

Artist items print and gifts print.