UV LED printer is named by its ink system drying method and its ink working on the printing systems.

UV full name is Ultraviolet Rays which is a kind of lighting rays not visual during the print. People develop the UV LED flatbed printers on the basic of solvent or textile flatbed printers by adding the UV LED ink system, UV LED curing light, and Cooling system sized from A3 to A0 sizes with Epson DX5 printer head and Ricoh printer heads.

UV LED flatbed printers  is a kind of revolution of the direct printing and its featured mainly by:

  • Direct print onto all of the materials,no matter hard rigid or soft.
  • White ink print onto dark print substrates.
  • 3D stunning embossed print result.
  • 3E environment friendly.Energy, Environment, and Economic.
  • Fast drying speed,enhancing the production capability.

Energy saving:

  •  70-120W light working,low electricity consumption,
  •  long life working time up to 10,000working hours;
  • No need to preheat.

 Environment friendly:

  • No mercury is produced during the work ,no ozone,
  • Working in low temperature,no over heat pollution ,


  • Low cost ink,
  • Electricity saving,



The first UV LED Curing printer was made by MIMAKI in 2009 and its model name is A3 size  UJF-3042FX totally solving the problem: White direct print onto various of materials. Since its launch, all of the makers for flatbed printers started to focus on this including the ink makers,light source makers,and software makers as well. They are wondering: If the EPSON printer head can be working with UV LED inks? The answer is YES finally. USA DCS company could be the first one that made good EPSON head UV LED printers.

In China flatbed printer producing market, some interesting and important thing happened in 2011 actually:

The printers based on China made Board and EPSON head firstly launched the UV LED printers earlier than the printers based on original EPSON printers. In this year, a China company named www.xenons.com  studied and launched a killing product: Mother board works with EPSON DX5 heads. And actually it was firstly made for plotters originally but this year,the board was modified for flatbed printers.  So people started to make the UV LED printers based on this board,it worked even it was not perfect for the printing result. At the same time,the ink makers and LED light resources started to have more things to do based on the printer, in this way,the consumables became to more and more stable.  But due to the board issue,the China made Board machine is only good for the prints which has less resolution printing industry like outdoor signs.


In the last half year of 2011 and start of 2012, the printers based on EPSON original printers started their way for UV LED printers and made them ready for the market.

Good and working printers started firstly started from the A2 printers which is based on Epson 4880 printer. This printer EPSON 4880 is originally designed by Epson for industrial and quantity printing and its CR motor and other hardware are easier to be compatible for the UV LED lights adding. In 2012,the UV printers based on Epson 4880 enjoyed a good market due to its white printing technology,technical features and cheap cost compared to Mimaki printer. At that time,the UV LED module was around 6*5CM with 90 pcs of lamps inside which is heavy. The makers were: www.China-huafei.com.cn/ www.wld88.com, www.brotherjet.com,etc.   With the development of the UV LED lights, the UV module became smaller and smaller,lighter and lighter in weight,A3 flatbed printer makers started the UV LED printers, the first makers were: www.gateway.cn/  www.lr8888.com, www,directcolorsystem.com,etc.  In China,still the good maker is www.gateway.cn since the start and  they did enjoy a good market since 2012 for the 1800 series printers,but this company is over passing by many new companies in terms of technical improvements,services and pricing policy.

Until now, the UV LED printers became a product that can work for the printing jobs and market.

The UV LED printers based on original Epson printers are:

  • A3 size UV LED printers based on R1800, R1900,R2000,R2400.
  • A2 size UV LED printers based on R4880.
  • A1 size UV LED printers based on R7880.
  • A0 size UV LED printers based on R9880.

A4 size UV LED printer.

When with A4 size UV LED printer, do NOT expect White print onto dark material print.

The A4 size UV LED printer is based on Epson 230,Epson 270 with 6 chambers,90nozzles/chamber.

When with UV LED,the A4 size printer ink channels will be: CMYK+WW. Two white ink channel is enough to print the white absolutely.  So if you want only CMYK print(color print), then the A4 size UV LED printer can be in your consideration.


A3 size UV LED printer. 

Main features for A3 size printers:

  • 1. High resolution. Ink drop 1.5pl. Reach real color photo print.
  • 2. Small but smart print.Easy to carry and operate.
  • 3. Much lower cost than the top printers like MIMAKI with same printing cost and working capability.

EPSON R1800 is the earliest 8 color A3 size printers from Epson and its the most unique one that can be modified for flatbed printers. Why? R1800 main board is a kind of open code board and its does not have blocking /protection system for the printer head/CR motor protection. Therefore,it does not have the killing system: The printer will become slow after half year like other A3 size 8 colors machines ,i,e, R1900.  As once modified into the flatbed printers, the printer can not work with the original ink cartridges but must work with CISS( Continuous Ink Supply System) with a decoding ink chips. Once working for some print area,the main board from 1900 and 2000 will detect the ink system is not original Epson therefore,it will start its protection model by slowing down the printing speed. This problems happens in R1900 in the rate of 15% and also R2000.

Then flatbed printers based on R1900 or R2000 can not be used? The answer is: Yes and NO.It is not a real product for UV LED printer.

If you do not have quantity print daily,then the working load will not reach to the main board protection start point,and it prints normally without any problem. And also the printers based on Epson 1900 is more economical than the ones based on 1800.

Here,will not mention any A3 size printers based on R1900 and R2000 makers.

Just remember: If you buy A3 UV LED printers,just buy the printers based on EPSON 1800 and R2400.

A2 size UV LED printer.