As I mentioned in the last post, do not believe what you read only but you have to see .Seeing is believing. Most of buyers are asking samples from suppliers  and check the print quality on their hand, but you never know how and where they will make the samples?


  • Some so called “Factory” suppliers are asking others to make samples not themselves.
  • Some of the suppliers are making samples by other ways.I experienced a client who was asking sapmles from a supplier in Shanghai for white ink print onto black acrylic.The samples were made by normal paiting first and then make color print as there is no white ink at all at that time.You can guess out the result later ..

Based on  your most interests to some ideal suppliers, ask them to make a live demo via camera for you and it will be better if you ask them to make print on your printing jobs. Pay attention to the following if they agree to make live samples print demostration:

  • Ask them to show the team and factory;
  • Ask them to show their after service team;
  • Ask them to start the print from 0,like materials,etc;
  • Listen carefully to see if they can speak good english or not;