Check if they are making sky-high ads.



Most of the buyers get to know about the suppliers via internet searching by looking at their website containing company introduction, products pictures,loations,etc, but you can not know if the information there is true or not exactly.  I will list two of the factors you most see but use often unfortuantely:

  • Best words to describe. We are best printer make or we are most reliable supplier,we are first maker,etc by using a lot of highest level words to describ themselves. Many Chinese companies are making promotion in this way unfortunately saying all the highest level or best words they can dig out. They can download any picture from related companies and name their own names as well. Some times do not believe your reading eyes.
  • B2B websites. Many people are looking at if they are GOLDEN supplier in Certain B2B websites like Alibaba for example. In China,it is easy to be a golden supplier: Pay 6000USD as basic member entry level if you want to be a gold supplier by sending them some files requested and accepting them in any so called: My office or factory. You can see many suppliers with golden level but they steal the money(I experieced some friends in victim there in recent years). They are working to make all the things more strict,but still have a long way to to. So not judge the suppliers by this way.