By this post,i am sharing about my ideas about how to know better about your suppliers which I hope can help you to find the ideal supplier.

1.Select some suppliers whose products can meet your plan.

Must 1: Read and analysis your real situation. Do not want all.

1) What kind of products you need to print? No matter you are a new business starter or you are hoping to expand the existing business or replace the old technology, you have to fix what will be your main products/materials to print.  Yes,its true that the flatbed printer can print many things and that is why we call it MULTIFUNCTION Printer or OMNI-PRINTER. But the more products you can print,then there is no focus on the business.  So better to focus on certain products or materials to print. Once you have a focused idea about the printer,then you can also focus on other related things like marketing,customers,etc.

Important notice: 

It is impossible to print both rigid materials and garment both in one printer.

As we know that one printer can work with three  different types of inks: Water-based pigment ink for garment print, ECO SOLVENT and UV LED are ink for rigid materials print.  Each type of ink is oriented and limited to certain materials for its own not for all. The supplier might tell you:  With our printer, you can print anything like pens,phone cases,garments,t-shirts,etc. Yes,the printer can be used to print but you have to change the inks. Before changing the inks,we will have to clean the ink systems 100% including: Change ink bottles,change ink tubes, change dampers,clean printer head, clean the ink pump,clean the wiper,clean the waste ink tank,etc. This is very risky: The printer head could be destroyed due to the chemical change if you have not cleaned the head to be like brand new.

Must 2: Plan your budget carefully in your situation.

The printers are equipped with different printing capabilities in big different costs. There are many different models different in printing sizes, printing speeds,basic printing colors,printing resolutions,etc. There is no best! The suitable one suitable to your needs perfectly is the best one.

I will make an example by garment print. If you are aiming at printing garments,then focus on the factors below:

1.  Select 8 color machines with EPSON DX5 head.  BUT NOT PRINTER BASED ON EPSON 1900.For garment printing,normally there are two colors of garments: Dark color(Black,Gray,Blue,red,etc) and light color(Pink,White,yellow,etc).  When you are in the business, people will ask any color of the garments. But how to make green print on black or white artwork on all garments? The White ink print is a must. 

For flatbed printers, color printing onto garments is not a problem as most of the printers are working with CMYK but if the white ink print can not be realized by any printer with any printer head. The DX5 head is with 8 chambers ,180nozzles/chamber.  If we print white ink, we need at least 4 chambers means:  W+W+W+W for the white ink itself.  Why we need 4 W? The white ink is a kind of chemical with thin density as it has heavy materials inside for white ink so the ink is much easier to precipitate if the density is thick. So in order to make the low-density white ink to be White enough, we have to use 4 channels .

2.  LOCK the most printing size of the garments. This will determine which printing size machine you will need. The hottest printers are A3 size and A2 size. You will need to know what is your marketing mainly based on your business research.For example, if you are aiming at the children’s garments,no need to take big size.

3.  LOCK your demands for the printing quantity. Normally a 8 color printer  can print  200-600pcs of A4 print a day.  Unless you have good plan for further printing quantity, you can buy a bigger size machine in a higher cost . Or A3 printer based on Epson 1800,Epson 2400 is enough.

4.  Normally the cost differences is 1500-2000USD differences for the A3 and A2 size machine including the shipping cost,etc.


2.Check the suppliers’ profession,like experience,history,etc.

Main factors to confirm or check for this term:

Check the website if they are professional.  For example, If the suppliers have all types of machines(Like laser machines, large format printers, and others related machines), then they are not professional in the flatbed printers; check the suppliers’ history: You can see if they have facebook or youtube,or other SNS,and you can see their latest date uploaded the videos or any ads,check the fist time of their first post about the products you are looking for.














  • Select some suppliers whose products can meet your plan. How to? 
  • Check the suppliers’ profession,like experience,history,etc. How to?
  • Check if they are making sky-high promotions. Why? and How to?
  • Request sample from them but ask live sample product with them. Why ? and How to?
  • Request references  end users clients near to your location. Why?And How to?