What is flatbed printer?

Which printer is good?

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You are welcome to this personal blog.Normally you might get here in my blog from internet searching flatbed printers, UV LED flatbed printers,UV LED small format printers,phone case printers,awards printers,t-shirt printers,pen printers,golf ball printers,or many other key words related to the flatbed printing technology. No matter from which one, you for sure have demands  for this kind of products and hope you can get useful information  here.

FBP is a short cut from flatbed printers and the flatbed printing technology passed its first decade since 2002,things are changing in terms of technology,products,suppliers,innovations,and the most important is the quality and the printing applications. Since the start, it was replacing the traditional printing methods like silk scree,sublimation,and heat transfer,pad printing,etc.

The flatbed printers developed from ink systems: coating-must solvent ink,pigment water based ink,non-coating ink solvent to UV LED curing inks. It has been growing from traditional printing applications pen printing,wood printing,signage printing to modern printing applications phone case printing,awards print,circuit board print and much more related to the new items in our life based on the development of technology and people living environment.

In the last ten years,the FBP technology was an elementary starting and fast developing industry from multifunctional printers which is an unknown product to a hot and public product even this technology is not 60% OK. Guess around 40,000 sets of flatbed printers were sold or bought in the world wide as max quantity, but only 30-40% even less are being used especially those products made before 2012.

The time since the late half year of 2012,things started to change and its changing now still.Its the time to replay the games or riffle the cards.The technology is developing to be more and more mature in all aspects.

We are sharing our experiences since 2004 for the flatbed printing industry.Not only you can get basic or full clear knowledge about the flatbed printing related knowledge but also you can get all suppliers’ development,products range and quality,service quality,managements,marketing feedback and users feedback. Hope you can get better understanding or orientation for your demands and find your trust about certain suppliers and products.

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